G&O Maritime Group

We are a group of sub system providers to the maritime industry, all developing high quality products and enabling our customers through the green transition in the maritime industry

Our brands are part of three divisions

Propulsion management

Offers vibration compensators, cylinder lubrication systems and piston rod stuffing boxes. We cooperate with engine manufacturers and shipping companies to optimise main engine operations and support the important task of utilising new environmentally friendly fuel types.


Water & Waste management

Includes incineration plants and biological water purifying plants, securing that waste water is purified before discharge while solid waste and oil sludge is incinerated at high temperatures to reduce SOx and NOx emissions.


Tank management

Provides PV valves and protects tank vessels against unintended overpressure or vacuum while simultaneously protecting against fire risk and ensuring that emissions from the cargo is kept to a minimum in accordance with IMO standards.

One group, six leading brands

Division: Water & Waste management

Incineration of waste and oil sludge, eliminating the need for discharging to shore while reducing emissions from incineration.

Division: Water & Waste management

Biologically cleaning of grey and black waste water before it is discharged.

Division: Propulsion management

Compensators that eliminate vibrations at the source, reducing cost, improving comfort, and cutting fuel spend.

Division: Propulsion management

Leading global provider of cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke marine engines, assisting ship owners achieve up to 65% lube oil savings, improving the engine conditions, and reducing emissions.

Division: Propulsion management

Piston rod stuffing boxes for two-stroke engines continuously improved to live up to new fuel types entering the market.

Division: Tank management

Valves and venting equipment reducing emissions from cargo while keeping vessels, equipment and crews safe every day.

Annual Sustainability Report

Based on our generations of work with sustainable solutions for the maritime industry, we are committed to ensuring a more structured approach to our sustainability efforts. We implement initiatives year after year to further improve as a responsible employer and transparent business partner.

You can learn about these efforts and initiatives in our latest sustainability report.

We are here for our customers through times of change

The maritime industry is undergoing a green transition in which new technologies and fuel types are of paramount importance.

In G&O Maritime Group, we want to offer value to our customers through our deep technical expertise, through R&D and by understanding our customers’ needs. Our ambition is to stand out as one of the strongest suppliers in the industry, enabling our customers during this important market change.

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  • Dual-fuel shipbuilding advances through strict certification of methanol valves

    Dual-fuel shipbuilding advances through strict certification of methanol valves

    Methanol plays an important role in the green transition, as do advanced vent and valve systems for methanol tanks. A series of high-velocity methanol valves produced in Denmark have now been certified for the first time. This offers shipbuilder greater flexibility when building dual-fuel systems with long vent-pipes. Valve systems are essential for controlling pressure…

  • Cylinder wear in two-stroke marine engines

    Cylinder wear in two-stroke marine engines

    Efficient cylinder lubrication does not eliminate the wear of liners and piston rings completely. The goal is to control the cylinder wear rate and keep it on a normal level and to prevent other harmful types of wear. Cylinder wear in two-stroke marine engines refers to the gradual deterioration of the inner surface of the…

  • Relocation of Group Headquarter

    Relocation of Group Headquarter

    We’re moving to new headquarters in Copenhagen on May 1st  We’re excited to announce G&O Martime Group’s relocation to a new, modern and attractive headquarters at Lundtoftegaardsvej 95 in Lyngby, Copenhagen. This move, set for May 1st, marks a milestone in our journey, offering us the opportunity to better support our growth and ambitions. The…

  • Tailored Solutions for the Chinese Maritime Market 

    Tailored Solutions for the Chinese Maritime Market 

    The Chinese maritime industry is a dynamic sector characterized by growth, innovation, and a strong emphasis on sustainable fuels like methanol. At Pres-Vac Engineering, part of G&O Maritime Group, we offer flexible solutions to our customers in the Chinese market. Chinese shipyards excel at constructing ships to precise specifications while adapting to individual needs. Each…