Supporting our customers through the green transition

Becoming a sustainable sub-system provider to the industry is not something you do overnight. It is a continuous journey. We have started laying the pathway with a variety of sustainability initiatives – each of them helping us moving closer to our customers and to our shared ambitious goals.

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Our journey towards becoming a sustainable sub-system provider to the industry is well underway.
You can learn about our approach, our actions, our goals and more in our latest sustainability report.

Make vessels greener and safer

Our vision at G&O Maritime Group is to make vessels a greener and safer place to work.

Making vessels greener by

  • Facilitating reduced fuel consumption and oil consumption.
  • Increasing the lifetime of vessels, vessel engines and other equipment.
  • Actively supporting the needed transition of the maritime industry to new, green fuel types.
  • Minimising adverse impact on marine ecosystems and protecting life below water.
  • Being transparent and measure our sustainability impacts and contributions.
  • Advocate for the green transition of the maritime industry through our memberships in various industry organisations.
  • Engage with our customers to raise awareness about how timely and proper maintenance and service of our products extends product lifetime and reduce the environmental footprint.
  • Work continuously with reducing our own GHG-emissions

Making vessels safer by

  • Helping our customers (ship owners & ship managers) minimise health risks and accidents in their operations
  • Creating higher standards for workforce well-being through reduced explosion risks and reduced vibrations.
  • Aid reduced noise levels and vapours on board.
  • Strive to being a zero-accident workplace by ongoingly measuring our health and safety performance and working consistently with optimising our processes.
  • Providing our employees with a work environment that is safe, comfortable, and encouraging to work in which also underpins career development. This means an inclusive, human rights promoting, diverse, and equal environment, that emboldens physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Sustainability KPI’s

We measure our progress based on a total of 5 KPIs

Climate action

Reduction predominantly driven by a significant decrease in
gas consumption as well as lower energy consumption.
Increase in Scope 3 driven by volume.

G&O Maritime Group discloses CO2 emissions according to
the GHG Protocol and work actively to reduce emissions
from our own operations as well as emissions from upstream
and downstream activities.

Scope 1 & 2: Calculations based on activity-based data.
Scope 3: All relevant categories included – combination of
spend-based calculations and activity-based estimates.

Strategy & targets
Work with sustainability across our value chain, including
tracking emissions from our suppliers and collaborating with
partners to improve transparency.

Initiatives & next steps
Unfortunately, we have not yet been in a position to include
Hans Jensen Lubricators and HECO China in our baseline
however, it remains our goal.

Gender equality

We want to ensure a fair share of women represented in
different organisational levels.

Tracking of gender distribution across the organisation,
expressed as a percentage and tracked on a yearly basis.

Strategy & targets
Our long term objective is to reach a minimum
representation of each gender of 40%.

Initiatives & next steps
Emphasise existing policies in support of work-life balance.
Encourage and support careers for women in maledominated fields.
Ensure equal pay for equal work, and conduct regular pay
equity audits.

Employee turnover

We protect labour rights and promote a safe and healthy
work environment where our employees can thrive.

Tracking of voluntary employee turnover in place across the
organisation, expressed as percentage of total workforce.

Strategy & targets
Our aim is to achieve employee-initiated turnover below
10%. Employee retention is a key responsibility for all

Initiatives & next steps
Initial steps will be to establish root causes for employeeinitiated turnover based on:

– Employee Engagement Survey that identify areas of
– Recruitment & Onboarding
– Exit interviews
– Encourage employee feedback and act on it

Workforce health & safety

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and inclusive
work environment where all our personnel can thrive.

KPIs are calculated based on industry standards
LTI – Lost Time Incidents
RMC – Recorded Medical Cases (no sick days)
TRC – Total Recorded Cases

Strategy & targets
Our target is to be a zero-accident workplace. Progress is
reported continuously.

Initiatives & next steps
Regular safety training for all employees in production sites.
Implementation of 5S safety principles in our production,
aiming to prevent incidents.

Energy management

Significant reduction is full year effect of new ways of
working following the energy crisis in 2022.

We will actively work on energy management through
behavioral changes and investments for further

Total energy consumed in reporting year (electricity, oil and
Percentage of electricity coming from grid.
Percentage of renewables in the grid (Denmark).

Strategy & targets
Our target is to reduce our total energy consumption with
10% during 2024.

Initiatives & next steps
Separate energy saving initiative is established as part of
ongoing focus on sustainability.
More actively communicate savings to encourage continued

Prioritise and execute on reduction efforts outlined in an
energy saving analysis developed in conjunction with a
3rd party consultancy.

Emissions in Use-phase

We are focused on providing products with lowest possible
use-phase power consumption.

Number of electricity-consuming products sold.
Sales revenue per product.
kWh electricity used annually in use-phase per product.

Strategy & targets
A key part of our R&D framework is to reduce energy
consumption and emissions during the use-phase of our
products, hereunder establishing product life time

Initiatives & next steps
Separate energy saving initiatives are established for select
products as part of our ongoing focus on sustainability.
Establish individual baselines for main products.
Establish areas of improvement for main products.
Create analysis of market and competition for comparison.

Energy reduction

Document and reduce annual consumption of electricity
and heating across sites.

Next steps
More actively communicate savings to encourage continued

Prioritise and execute on reduction efforts outlined in an
energy saving analysis developed in conjunction with a 3rd
party consultancy.

Enhance product offering

Document and quantify external sustainability contributions.
Calculate product carbon footprint and reductions.

Next steps
We are simplifying our product offering in Pres-Vac to
ensure scalability and effective utilization of production

5S Safety principles

Measure and document progress on the 5S principles: Sort,
Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.

Next steps 
We will test the 5S impact on safety in the pilot project. Based on learnings, we want to finetune the project and roll it out our other production sites.

How we contribute to UN’s Sustainable Goals

Increasing positive impact

We work with increasing the positive impact by fostering a positive work environment, supporting the green transition and by improving education and awareness on climate change in the maritime industry.

Our concrete actions and progress are:

Operations & EmployeesImprove KPI’s on near-misses, accidents and lost-time injuries ensuring that these are communicated regularly at production facilities in appropriate language for all levels of workersOngoing
Operations & EmployeesRoll-out the 5S safety principle initiative to ensure safety in operations, limit workplace accidents and foster smooth operations across G&O Maritime Group BrandsOngoing
Operations & EmployeesRegular Workplace Assessment in compliance with requirements to encourage physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.
– Tracking results and formulating action plans for future improvements
– Review and integration of potential updates to employee handbook
Operations & EmployeesEnsuring a just and fair workplace by further strengthening advocacy for anti-corruption practices, fair labour rights and overall business ethics complianceOngoing
Operations & EmployeesFormalise career development path for employees through employee training and apprentice program development and inclusive onboarding processesFuture
Operations & EmployeesStrengthen knowledge sharing and innovation through collaborations with technical universities in DenmarkOngoing
Operations & EmployeesSupporting the green transition through products compatible with future green fuels (Heco engine piston rods and stuffing boxes)Ongoing
CustomersAdvocate for the green transition of the maritime industry through our memberships in various organisations e.g. Danske Maritime, DEA & Dansk Standard among othersOngoing

Minimising negative impact

We work with minimising the negative impact by disclosing and reducing annual GHG emissions, minimising waste, and protect marine bio-diversity and reducing health risks.

Our concrete actions and progress are:

SuppliersIncrease emissions transparency by requesting CO2e data directly from select “strategical” suppliersFuture
Operations & EmployeesActively work alongside suppliers to identify emission hotspots (upstream scope 3) and reducing emissionsFuture
Operations & EmployeesOptimise and reduce emissions from scope 1 and 2 (e.g. using greener energy and optimising energy usage)Future
CustomersActively engage with customers to create emission transparency and work on reducing downstream scope 3 emissionsFuture
Product OfferingCreate transparency on product carbon footprints and work to reduce this through R&DFuture
CustomersOffer exchange service for G&O Compensators and actively working to extend this service to other product offeringsOngoing
Product OfferingDocument and quantify products’ external sustainability contributionsFuture
Product OfferingFurther enhance product development and service offering through R&D to minimize negative environmental impactFuture
Product OfferingContinue to offer products to help customers improve safety and minimise health risks in operation while reduce negative externalities e.g. vibrations, noise pollutionOngoing

This is only the beginning

We are determined to keep increasing and improving our efforts towards a more sustainable maritime industry. Despite this, the real change comes when the entire value chain work together towards the same goals.

We acknowledge that there are opportunities as well as risks in all aspects of the sustainability agenda. We hope that by advocating for transparency in our own supply chain, we can improve our results and inspire others to do the same.