We’re moving to new headquarters in Copenhagen on May 1st 

We’re excited to announce G&O Martime Group’s relocation to a new, modern and attractive headquarters at Lundtoftegaardsvej 95 in Lyngby, Copenhagen. This move, set for May 1st, marks a milestone in our journey, offering us the opportunity to better support our growth and ambitions. The increasing scale of our projects and team has meant that our current facilities in Allerød have been stretched to their limits. 

Benefits of our upcoming headquarters 

More space: Our new headquarters will provide ample space for our team to collaborate, innovate, and grow with our customers. We’re looking forward to making our new entire floor a hub of creativity and teamwork. 

Modern facilities: We’ll benefit from modern meeting rooms, designed to boost productivity and enhance our ability to host impactful presentations and discussions. 

Strategic location: Located near the Technical University of Denmark, our new location positions us to attract top talent and strengthen our connections with academia, enhancing our talent pipeline. 

Enhanced visibility: Our new site will not only reflect our brand’s values but also elevate our visibility, making it a proud showcase to our customers and partners. 

Updates on production facilities 

While our administration moves to Lyngby, our production will remain in modern facilities in Allerød. 

We are confident that this move is a leap towards a brighter and more successful future for G&O Maritime Group..  

Anders Egehus 

G&O Maritime Group new Headquarter